Most Likely To Say Yes

We are an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Development Company focused on Sales Optimization. Our first goal is to calculate the probability of a Yes response on a First Contact AKA Cold Call. This increases the efficiency of the sales rep by calling those most likely to say Yes, first. Improving performance of this ubiquitous business asset (sales call list) changes the foundation of a business. Let’s remember that at one point all customers were a cold call.

“Sales First Contact” is the most inefficient process in most businesses. Everyone hates doing cold calls but they know they must. Many businesses celebrate a 2% yes rate, which is 98% failure, and a 50x improvement opportunity. Using text data mined from internet pages we score sales lists with the probability of a unique sales offer getting a “Yes” response. To believe in our technology you only have to accept the following statement as true in your business:

Your Best Prospects look just like your Best Customers

First Contact has only two outcomes. Yes or No. There is sales pipe from the first contact to the final sale but it all started with a simple Yes or No to the first contact. The outcome of Yes depends on:

Alignment of prospect’s wants and sales offer benefits.

We are seeking relationships with businesses that want to improve their Sales First Contact aka Sales Cold Call response rate. If you have more than 5,000 B2B First Contacts per month in phone, email, or print we can help you.

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